Don’ts For Oily Skins

Are you having trouble with your oily skin? Are you cautious about the shiny, greasy texture and breakouts during hot afternoon or even early mornings? Are you tired of always using some loose powders from time to time just to hide off that oiliness? Or have you deprived yourself from eating nuts and other oil-based food just so you could “lessen the oiliness of your face?” Well, according to some experts there is no data that showed that oil based foods causes oily skins, so therefore, depriving yourself from eating those wouldn’t just help, because having an oily skin is just natural. So, having an oily skin is inevitable yet it is manageable. Since there are things that you could do to manage your oily skins, however there are things that you do that triggers it even more. So here are the don’ts for a person who has an oily skin.
Don't use creamy or milk cleansers.  These products are intended for people who have a dry skin, thus it deposits unnecessary lipids — oils — on the skin, which can make you feel even oilier, says an expert. So, it is better to stick with salicylic acid or glycolic cleansers, or gentle liquid cleansers such as Cetaphil.
Don't moisturize. Even better than looking for the perfect oil-free moisturizer is ditching this step completely. As a replacement, use a gel or serum that has some anti-aging ingredients.
Don't rely on SPF powders. Most sunblock are articulated in oil measures that feel and look greasy, so for people with oily skin, SPF (skin protection factor) powders are alluring. They do not have sufficient SPF, even if it utters on the label. To get the SPF stated on the label, you'd need to use 15 times the amount of powder you would normally use.
Don't over wash. Oily skin isn't hygiene delinquent, so extra cleansing isn't the response. If you wash too much, you can strip your face of the necessary oils that serve as a barricade to a lot of irritations. This can cause your face to develop redness and rawness. It's better to wash twice a day and use blotting paper when you feel shiny through the day.
So it is better that you are knowledgeable of these things so as not to make your oily skin situation worse. These products and habits are not bad habits, it’s just that it’s not suited for oily skins.

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