Memories From The Past

We all have some excruciating past that leaves a spot to us. These are something that will prompt us of our mistakes. These marks are blemishes from some reasons like burns, cuts, wounds, bites, infection or occasionally surgery.

These scars are also tissues that substitute the natural skin if it has been impaired beyond the dermis or the outer layer of your skin. These tissues are also strong skin just like the regular tissues. However, they are arranged contrarily that’s why it also looks in a different way.

Scars are a sign of the wound being healed. It no longer hurts; however, when it comes to beauty ideals, scars seem to be a very public issue. But not a problem, here are some things that you can try to get rid of scars:

Warm a teaspoon of extra –virgin coconut oil and then smear it on the scar. Massage it gently on the scar so that it can effortlessly engross the coconut oil. Coconut oil has antioxidants that helps prevent and reverse the harm caused by free-radicals. It can arouse the production of collagen making your skin suave. This will help the scar fade faster.
Extract an aloe vera leaf and massage it gently to the scar. Leave it on until it dries before rinsing it. Aloe vera has this competence of renewing the skin and will greatly help in fading scars.
Extract the liquid of Vitamin E capsule and then smear it on the scar 2-3 times a day. Vitamin E has antioxidants and nourishing properties that are essential in revitalizing and nourishing the skin. Aside from that it motivates collagen formation to improve the texture of your skin.
Dip a cotton ball in an apple cider vinegar and then apply it to the scar. Leave it on for 10 to 15minutes before rinsing it with warm water. Apple cider vinegar is good in exfoliating your skin and eliminates dead skin cells. Once these dead skin cells are eliminate it helps in fading the scar.
These marks may have come from an aching memory, but these scars also are a part of us. Though they have distressed, it acts as a reminder to acquire from our mistakes.